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Amendments on law protecting women from domestic violence draw Islamic objections


The cabinet approved on August 2 a draft law aimed at amending Law 293 on protection of women and family members from domestic violence which was first submitted by President Michel Aoun from outside the council of minister’s agenda. While the final amendments to the new law have not yet been published, LBC news channel reported that the law forwarded last April is the outcome of joint efforts between the ministry of justice and Kafa organization. The most important provisos of which are, the adoption of a clear definition of the concept of domestic violence; making domestic violence a specific criminal offense with punishable consequences to all its aspects, including, intentional or non-intentional killing, sexual exploitation, arbitrary detention or seizure of freedom and physical abuse; adoption of the principle of specialization of courts and judges in domestic violence cases through assigning judges in all regions to receive grievances. On the subject, Al Diyar newspaper today cited informed sources as saying that the prime minister is facing wide resistance from some Islamic circles for signing respective domestic violence and forced marriage of children laws. These sides claim that said laws interfere with Islam’s beliefs and will end the jurisdiction of spiritual courts in the country. Furthermore, Al Diyar mentioned that criticism is targeting the Sunni PM because he did not consult with the religious establishment or with the heads of the Sharia courts. For the full draft of the law No. 293/2014 on domestic violence, prepared conjointly by the justice ministry and Kafa, kindly visit the following link: : (Al Diyar, August 9, 2017)

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