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Feminist music band sings about reality of Egyptian women


In an interesting article, L’Orient Le Jour featured Bint-al-Masarwa underground music band led by three Egyptian women with the aim to defy gender stereotypes. Marina, Maryam and Esraa produce music in the Arabic language that dissects and documents lived experiences of women in the Egyptian society and laying bare the gender-based discrimination, particularly dominant among least advantaged communities. The three young ladies are currently preparing for the launch of their new album, seeking to secure the necessary funding that could reach USD 12,000. On the projected album, Esraa explained, that it presents the experiences of marginalized women in the Upper Egypt governorates of Saeed, who are not fortunate enough to communicate their suffering, noting that the first album addressed the concerns and demands of urban women. Marina, for her part, said they organized workshops for women in the Saeed areas to allow women to to voice their fears and concerns on issues, like domestic violence, racism, harassment and the dominating patriarchal society. The new CD will reportedly be named ‘Mazghouna’, a term widely in use in the Governorate of Minya and it targets battered women. The purpose is to inspire females to break up free from the hegemony of men. (L’Orient Le Jour, September 13, 2017)

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