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First Arabic guide on child labor in agriculture


The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) jointly launched the first Arabic language guide for practitioners on child labor in agriculture in a ceremony held in Beirut on September 6. Entitled, ‘Child Labor in Agriculture: A Guide for Practitioners’, the publication offers practical info on addressing and challenging the practice of child labor in the industry, where ILO estimates the number of working children at 13.4 million (representing nearly 15%) of the total number of children in the Arab region. The eruption of the war in neighboring Syria and the influx of refugee families has led to a dramatic increase in the number of children in child labor and the exploitation of hundreds of them in hazardous and sometimes fatal working conditions. According to the above guide, agriculture is considered one of the most perilous of the three sectors, alongside mining and construction, given the harmful consequences of the nature of work. Many children, the guide indicated, start work at a very young age extending the duration and therefore, the degree of exposure to the hazards of this labor in their lifetime. Moreover, child labor impedes the viability of permanent employment opportunities for these children when they become young adults, and at the same time is an indication of non-sustainable agriculture and slows down rural development. The Guide consists of 5 chapters, in addition to a CD comprising power point presentations that can be used by facilitators and trainers in the field of combating child labor. For more info, kindly visit the following link: : (Al Mustaqbal 10 September 2017)

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