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Lebanese, Syrian women in South Lebanon busy with Mooneh


Al Mustaqbal reported on the mooneh preparation season in the mountain villages of Arkub, Hasbaya and Marje3yoon. Housewives, the newspaper wrote, presently are very busy making the traditional fig, apple and quince jams in addition to the burghol, kishk and labaneh. Another product rural women boast making is the eggplant pickles which engages all family members including men. Besides, Syrian women refugees in the area also make produce they used to prepare back in their hometowns. Um Ahmad Jermani, for example, displaced with her 8 children from Dar3aa to Jdeidet Marje3yoon admits that making the mooneh alleviated the burden of household expenses. Forced displacement is tough and job prospects are scarce, Um Ahmad lamented. “My husband works in construction, and the neighbors and people who know us ask me to prepare homemade items which they grew to like, hence helping my husband provide for the family,” she said. In conclusion, Al Mustaqbal pointed out that the rural mooneh produce has gained popularity among the Lebanese households, not only in rural areas but also in big cities, as most of mooneh products are natural and healthy. (Al Mustaqbal, November, 9 2017)

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