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Marketing events in Beqaa and the South to bolster the local economy


Under the sponsorship of industry minister, Hussein Haj Hassan, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Zahleh and Beqaa launched last Friday its second expo entitled, ‘made in the Beqaa 2’. The head of the Chamber’s Industrial Committee, Antoine Saliba, stressed the need to draw attention to Bekaa industries calling for their protection from dumping and smuggling activities. On the other hand, and in cooperation with the various town’s associations and clubs, the municipality of East Zawtar, held its annual ‘bread and salt’ village dinner at the Town Hall. Besides development, the purpose of such activities, said the mayor, is “to infuse the spirit of amity and present our town as a sophisticated model village.” Similarly, the municipality of Rashaya al Fukhar organized on Friday ‘al Dai’aa festival’ which included traditional cuisine and folklore musical performances. On the occasion, mayor Salim Youssef, described the event as a day for joy and pleasure. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, August 6, 2017)

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