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Mutual lawsuits in case of Maj. Suzan Hajj


Reactions continue to the case of dismissal of Maj. Suzan Hajj from her position as ISF Anti-Cybercrime Bureau for liking a tweet insulting Saudi women. After her sacking, Hajj filed a complaint to competent circles accusing journalist Ziad Itani owner of Ayoub News electronic portal of his wily premeditated screenshot of the like. This fact Itani denied during interrogation at Jdeideh judiciary police station, alleging that the shot was taken by journalist Asaad Bsharah, advisor to Major General Ashraf Rifi, who leaked it to the Information Department and the Ministry of Interior. To note that after Bshara refused to show up for investigation, Maj. Hajj’s attorney initiated a private prosecution against him with the charges of eliciting sectarianism, slander, defamation and fabrication of crimes. In turn, Bsharah filed a complaint with the public prosecutor against the satirist Charbel Khalil who posted the tweet and Maj Hajj or anyone involved, with the charges of inciting sectarian tension and promoting conflicts among the constituents of the nation (Article 317, Penal Code) and disturbing Lebanon’s relations with a sister nation as well as exposing the Lebanese citizens to reactions that may cause harm to them or to their interests (Article 288, Penal Code). (L’Orient Le Jour, October 11, 2017)


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