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First time in Tunisia: A single woman allowed to adopt a child


In a precedent in Tunisia, the judiciary overturned in a ruling issued on August 12 the conditions of adoption permitting a single woman to adopt a child. The district court in the Tunisian capital agreed to allow a single woman to adopt an unknown child girl, noting that chapter 9 of the relevant act requires that the adopting party be married. The court decision maintained that the child in question suffers a severe health condition (amputated leg) and that no family has requested her adoption so far, noting that the 4 year old girl has been at the National Institute for Child Protection (INPE) since November 3, 2016. The ruling added, that as the woman expressed her willingness to take care of the child and provide the necessary treatment for her disability, the court considered this as sufficient for conceding the request, while noting that it is contrary to the text of the law in effect. The ruling made clear that despite violation of one condition of the adoption law, which is marriage, the request has secured other requisites, including integrity, good conduct and financial convenience. (Lebanon 24, 30 August 2018)

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