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Leila Shahud, Dima Jamali, Future candidates to help the deprived


In its issue of today, Al Akhbar newspaper spotlighted the two women candidates on Future Movement’s North electoral list, Leila Shahud and Dima Jamali. Shahud, Al Akhbar wrote, is the first Alawite woman to run for and win the minority seat in the municipal elections in 2004 and 2010. Shahud was educated at the Tripoli public school and Jinan University where she earned a degree in information. She was a columnist (1993 to 2004) with Adib political newspaper where she was committed to writing about people’s lived hardships. Today, Shahud told Al Akhbar’s reporter, she decided to run for the parliamentary elections which will give her advantage to better serving her deprived community. Dima Jamali, on the other hand, has been the representative of UN Global Compact Network (GCNL) since 2015. She said the elections presented her with an opportunity to continue her late father Rashid Jamali’s journey in the service of Tripoli, recalling his chairing for years of the Islamic-Christian National Dialogue Committee. Jamali studied at Lycee Tripoli then graduated from AUB to follow up her post-graduate studies between the US and UK, where she earned her PhD in social policy and administration. Jamali told Al Akhbar that she has chosen to stay away from political discourse and focus on economy and development in her electoral program. (Al Akhbar, March 27, 2018)

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