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Minister Zeiater promises to restore banana exports to Syria


After a delegation of South banana farmers urged Hizbullah-led bloc MP Nawwaf Mousawi to ask Hizbullah head Nasrallah to intervene in order to remove obstacles impeding the entry of their products to Syria (c.f: , Mousawi contacted on Monday the minister of agriculture in the caretaker government Ghazi Zeiater and discussed with him the crisis. He raised the problem of marketing Lebanese bananas to Arab countries due to the continuing closure of the border crossing via neighboring Syria because of lack of coordination between the two governments. Zeiater promised to discuss the matter with Syrian officials during his expected visit to Damascus. Concerning the opening of Nassib Crossing, Zeiater and Mousawi stressed that the Syrian government is awaiting the Lebanese side to raise the issue in order to reach a convenient solution as soon as possible given the fact that the agricultural season has already started. (Al Diyar 4 September 2018)

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