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E-awareness campaign against sexual harassment in Lebanon


Following last November’s ‘Not Your Ashta’ campaign to raise awareness against sexual harassment in Lebanon, (c.f, the American University of Beirut’s ‘Knowledge is Power’ (KIP) project, in partnership with the office of the minister of state for women’s affairs, launched a new campaign under the name ‘Mesh Basita’ (Not Okay). The campaign (from July 31 to August 15) seeks to push for a heightened public awareness and a comprehensive legislation to address the issue. On the subject, Al Mustaqbal today wrote that had it not been for the videotape which went viral that exposed harassing of the wife of a ministerial advisor in an elevator by so-called ‘human monster’, the news would have not reached each and every house in Lebanon. However, Al Hayat went on to say, the news which came as part of ‘wainiyih el dawleh’ episode, turned out to be part of a play accompanying the campaign. To note, the campaign inspires the public opinion, including the private and public sectors, academia circles and the civil society, to exchange images, videos and texts that show that sexual harassment is not a light matter that can be stomached, but that it necessitates a national legislative mechanism to confront it. Those interested in the campaign, are kindly invited to use the hashtag #mesh basita# across the different social media platforms. (Al Mustaqbal, August 10, 2017)

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