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First Phoenician craft village in Tyre


Under the title, ‘Tyre ateliers’ for sustainable development, the first Phoenician craft village project was launched yesterday in the southern city of Tyre. Funded by the French Committee for Tyre, the project was opened by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, the president of the International Association to Save Tyre, Maha Khalil Chalabi. The project’s coordinator and director, Samar Makki said it included craft and artisan works, jewelry making, glassblowing, environment activities and agriculture produce, and it promotes the Phoenician heritage throughout an area of 1500 square meters. During the inauguration ceremony, former minister George Corm said the aim of the undertaking is to revive the Phoenician culture in Lebanon and open innovative prospects for craftspeople, in addition to invigorating the local economic cycle in Tyre and environs. For his part, former French foreign minister, Herve de Charette, underlined the significance of the project in enlivening the cultural heritage of one of the most renowned and ancient Phoenician cities. (Al Mustaqbal, September 12, 2017).

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