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New prostitution ring uncovered this time in Nabatieh!


One week from the uncovering of a prostitution ring in Mount Lebanon and Beirut and following surveillance action, a patrol from the Southern Investigation Unit arrested 7 persons (Lebanese and Syrians) in Kfar Jouz, Nabatiyeh, involved with human trafficking. The (Syrian) suspects are: Hifaz. S. N (born in 1987) who facilitated prostitution with the complicity of another Syrian man to facilitate the illicit entry of Amira (born in 1984) to the country and  Iftikar (1978) with expired papers. The Lebanese detainees are: Dima (1987) arrested on the crimes of prostitution and facilitating sex work and human trafficking; Hussein N. D. (1962); Ali T (1981) and Samah J (1977). The suspects were handed over to the Nabatiyeh police station for legal action. (Al Mustaqbal, August 9, 2017)

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