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Sectarian bickering delays the appointment of the new director of cooperatives


After the decision of the Shura Council of May 31 to suspend the execution of an order by minister of agriculture, Gazi Z3aiter, giving the Director of Cooperatives, Gloria Abu Zeid, a forced leave and appointing a replacement ( ), the media reported last week that Abu Zeid’s replacement was on the agenda of the recent Cabinet session but was subsequently dropped at a personal request from the minister. The latter reportedly decided to refer the file to the president of the republic and the prime minister, recalling that the Z3aiter-Abu Zeid dispute has turned sectarian. On the other hand, Al Modon electronic portal, citing informed sources, pointed to the possibility of assigning the head of the Department of Packaging and Cooling at the Directorate of Livestock, Saeed Aoun, as an acting director general of the Cooperatives pending the appointment of the director, as proposed by Zoaieter. Ministerial sources in turn said Abu Zeid’s status remains unclear until now, hinting that she could return to her previous post as head of the Green Plan project. Al Modon also mentioned that Abu Zeid is not allowed access to her office at the ministry of agriculture awaiting the Cabinet’s final decision on the matter. (An Nahar, Al Diyar, September 7, 2017)

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