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Suzane Hajj head, ISF senior officer removed because of a Twitter ‘like’


The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces removed yesterday the head of the ISF Anti-Cybercrime and IP Rights Bureau, Major Suzane Hajj Hobeish from her position and appointed Major Albert Khoury in her place without clarifying the reasons. Informed security sources said the dismissal decision came after Hajj reportedly ‘liked’ and instantly deleted her ‘like’ of a tweet shared by TV comedian Charbel Khalil commenting on the recent Saudi decree allowing women to drive. The sources considered that Hajj made a huge mistake for two reasons: first it is a public stand politically hostile to Saudi Arabia, and second, it reveals an unprecedented insult to Saudi women from a Lebanese woman in a position of responsibility. For her part, Hajj filed a complaint with the Office of Public Prosecution in Mount Lebanon rebuffing what she termed as provocation and fabrication of crimes and actions. In response, a hashtag in support of Hajj shortly trended on Twitter #alikebymistakeisnotacrime#. On the subject, An Nahar newspaper mentioned earlier differences between Hajj and ISF director, while noting that both come from the same political line of thought, and adding that the ‘like’ was just an occasion to sack her. LBC pointed out that Hajj has been interrogated two months ago for posting instructions to the public on her personal account and not on the ISF page and was punished for that but continued to put out her political viewpoints. (An Nahar, October 3, 2017)

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