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2017 report of Observatory for Rights of Workers


In a press conference on Friday, the Lebanese Observatory for the Rights of Workers and Employees launched its sixth report on the movements, violations and legislations recorded during 2017. The Observatory has developed its model annual report for the present year, noting for the first time, the legislations and consultations alongside the complaints and grievances. In its monitoring of the violations, the report revealed the delivery of some 169 consultation requests, 43.7% of which are related to arbitrary dismissal, noticing a decline in female requests, (only 36% of the total number of consultations), which focused mainly on the working hours and vacations, while ignoring the social security and pay matters. On the cross-sectoral level, the report noticed that the commercial sector represented the highest rate of infringements on workers’ rights (37%), followed by the media (12%). The report also found out that, despite that the civil society organizations, CSO, sector, is, so they say, a staunch advocate of rights, it came fourth, posting 10.6% in violations. The report went on to say that, the year 2017 has shown a slow return to legislations after a lengthy absence of the role of the Legislative. For more on the report, kindly visit the link below: (Al Akhbar, April 14, 2018)

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