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Accord on banana exports to Syria still not in effect


Seemingly, the Lebanese government’s respective arrangements with Jordan and Syria to facilitate the marketing of agricultural products, particularly bananas, have not been effected. To recall, the Lebanese and Jordanian agriculture ministers agreed in September to export certain products to Jordan starting 15/10/2017, and to increase the export of Lebanese bananas; and so did the Syrian government which imported more than 50,000 tons of these goods as of October 1, 2017 giving them edge over others. Meanwhile, Al Ittihad newspaper mentioned in its November 8th issue that  the minister of agriculture Ghazi Z3ayater was very close to an agreement with his Syrian counterpart regarding the marketing of certain crops from Lebanon, in line with the talks he had in the Syrian capital this past October. In a related vein, banana growers and exporters staged a peaceful sit-in on November 15 on the coastal highway between Saida and Tyre. They appealed to the President of the Republic, the House Speaker and heads of political factions to secure an entry into Syria of their bananas according to a mechanism that prevents further losses on farmers, ensures an equal non-restricted importation of the Lebanese banana and that produced in the neighboring state. Farmers also demanded the Syrian government to exempt Lebanon’s bananas from any taxes or custom fees consistent with the principle of reciprocity. (Al Diyar, Al Ittihad, November 8, 17, 2017)

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