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American women & President Trump


Al Diyar newspaper published today a poll by the Washington Post on American women and their position vis-a-via US President Donald Trump. The poll showed that 66% of women respondents disapproved Trump’s action as a president of the United States of America. The survey also indicated that nearly 59% of women potential electors said they categorically rejected Trump’s actions in the presidency, while 30% of women showed their support, including 20% who strongly supported him. According to the Washington Post survey, around 89% of women respondents expressed their desire to take part in the midterm congressional elections, and 65% backed the Democratic Party’s victory, expecting it to face the Republican led US Administration. To recall, that during the midterm elections planned for November 6, some 435 members of Congress, one third of senators and most of conservatives will be re-elected. The US political life, liberty and even the life of Trump and his family members depends on the results of these elections. Should Democrats secure a majority of congressional seats, Trump will be reportedly in danger of impeachment and complicity with Russia, Al Diyar wrote. (Al Diyar, September 6, 2018)

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