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A bleak review of the situation of displaced women during the launch of a Nabeh project to help women in conflict situation


Nabeh presented yesterday the results of a study on women’s rights violations in times of conflict which was carried out within the framework of its new project entitled “helping women in conflict situation”.  The project is funded by the Foundation for the Future and implemented by Nabeh in collaboration with Solidarity association. The study which focused on displaced women showed that 25% of them suffer from physical and verbal abuse by their husbands.  Of these, 39% resort to their families whilst the rest chose to keep silent.  The study further noted that 46% of women interviewed considered that failing to report violence is due to embarrassment especially if the violation has implication of “reputation: and “honor”.
A number of other papers were also presented by the Center of Social Solidarity and which highlighted the economic conditions of displaced women in Lebanon amidst the discrimination to which Palestinian working women are subjected especially since the labor laws limit Palestinian women’s right to work.  Nashet (Active) Social and Cultural Association also presented a paper highlighted violations during emergencies and especially targeting women, and the Follow-up Committee of displaced Palestinians from Syria another paper focusing in violation targeting displaced women before and after their displacement.  Finally, the paper presented by Center of Social Development stressed on the social and psychological pressures on Palestinian women and especially those displaced from Syria.
Source: Al-Safir 11 December 2013

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