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The case of Nader Saab: President of Order of Physicians accused of leaking report


After the public prosecutor charged plastic surgeon Nader Saab with causing the death of Farah Qassab (c.f:, the case resurfaced in September 6 when the solicitor general of Mount Lebanon charged the president of the Order of Physicians, Dr. Raymond Sayegh, the head of the former Investigations Committee, Dr. Claude Semaan, and member of the Order, Dr. Joe Haddad, with leaking the Committee’s report based on a complaint submitted by Sayegh against an unkown party and a similar complaint submitted by Saab. According to the information, the prosecutor listened to over 25 physicians mentioned by Sayegh and hence found that the three defendants, while they were on duty at the Order premises, leaked the report which is considered a confidential investigation document. The prosecutor referred them to the Single Judge for trial based on criminal offenses stipulated in the Penal Code that could reach up to one-year imprisonment. Over a phone call with Al Akhbar daily, Sayegh completely denied all charges against him, stressing his capacity as a plaintiff for being the first to file charges against unknown parties for leaking the report. (Al Akhbar, An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, September 7, 2018)

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