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CERD questions Lebanon's global ranking in education


The Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) voiced reservation over the findings of the World Economic Forum’s 2018 which put Lebanon first among Arab countries and fourth globally in the quality of science and math education which covered 137 countries(c.f: CERD argued that the results contradicted with results of the national and international studies on the quality of education and learners’ performance. It attributed its reservations to many reasons, firstly, the selection of the sample which covered only 87 Lebanese business owners, which understandably don’t represent the Lebanese reality; secondly, the survey questions were not inclusive of all the segments of Lebanese society in terms of quantity and quality, and lastly, in terms of the diversity of data. CERD also made a point that the survey by-passed it as a key player and therefore as a potential respondent. The Center also maintained that some parties used the result to pass over the loopholes and points of weakness, pointing to Lebanon’s 25th place among 42 countries in the TIMSS exams in terms of learners’ performance which, it contended, was below average. (The CERD explanatory statement in Arabic is found on the following link:

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