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Collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and the LU-Faculty of Tourism to support rural tourism


The Minister of Tourism, Michel Pharaon, met yesterday with a delegation from the school of tourism and hotel management at the Lebanese University.  The delegation was presided by the Faculty Dean, Ms. Amal Abou Fayyad who presented the work of her Faculty in promoting rural tourism and the collaboration with European Universities sharing the same interest.  Abou Fayyad highlighted the diverse specialties offered by the Faculty as well as the different research projects carried out by the students such as for instances studies on Roman and Phoenician roads as well a study on the impact of tourism on natural resources. For his part, Minister Pharaon emphasized the importance of the current collaboration between the Ministry and the Faculty of Tourism, and presented the different projects implemented since he became Minister of Tourism.  Pharaon noted that 20% of global tourists are youth under 17 years of age and he thus highlighted the importance of targeting this category of the population through awareness raising and marketing for rural tourism including adventures and camping.
Source: Al-Diyar 1 October 2014

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