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Continuing interest in journalism despite unemployment in the sector


In a special feature today, Al Ittihad newspaper focused on the challenges and hitches facing the schools of journalism and media studies in Lebanon amidst a profound crisis in the press industry, particularly in the past two years which saw the closing of several institutions and the downsizing of media staff. In this respect, the director of the Lebanese University School of Information, First Brach, Dr Rami Najm, told Al Ittihad that while the media sector in the country, namely the press industry, is going through a terminal crisis, students are still passionate about majoring in journalism, pointing to a steady pace of registration and attendance at the school. Like all journalism graduates, students toil to find jobs, Najm explained, noting that despite the declining market, the college does not intend to reduce its regular number of students, but will identify the courses and disciplines as needed by the labor market. A large number of students dream of becoming big shots after graduation which explains their desire for power, fame and recognition, Najm stated. However, the school is directing them to make flexible choices, which are not exclusive to the anchor/presenter specialties, like for example photojournalism and electronic media. (Al Ittihad, December 5, 2017)

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