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Council of Women: Lebanese electoral law must be amended to include quota


The Lebanese Council of Women (LCW), an umbrella for some 150 women associations, thanked yesterday President Michel Aoun for the democratic process of the parliamentary elections which ran smoothly and without security threats. LCW however expressed regret for the failure to vote women into the parliament in consistence with the ratio they represent across the country (nearly 53%), despite the relatively unexpected large number of female candidates, of which only 4% made it to the Legislature. Therefore, LCW submitted to Aoun the approval of the amendment of the current electoral law with the inclusion of the minimum 30% women representation quota, as mandated by the Beijing Declaration, pointing that the application of the law in effect has proved that the Lebanese people are not prepared yet to voluntarily elect women. LCW President, Iqbal Dughan, congratulated MP Bahiya Hariri for her victory in the elections, inspiring her to adopt the Council’s demands to support women’s right and the above quota, as well as, their rights to confer nationality to their children in line with the Constitution which sustained gender parity. (Al Mustaqbal, May 11, 2018)

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