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Female motorcyclists in Pakistan breaking barriers


An Nahar newspaper spotlighted today a group of Pakistani women driving their brand new pink motorcycles through the streets as part of a women empowerment movement to break gender stereotypes. It is not unusual, An Nahar wrote, to see women on motorbikes in Pakistan, however, they usually are seated with their children behind a male driver. Driving a motorcycle is still a taboo in a conservative country, An Nahar said, but the government in the Punjab province has in the last two years started a so-called ‘Women on Wheels’ campaign involving the training of scores of females to ride motorbikes in order to raise awareness of gender-based violence and street harassment. According to recent studies, nearly 75% of Pakistani women do not participate in the labor market due to difficulties in transport. On the subject, the director general of the Punjab Strategic Reforms Unit, Salman Sufi, explained that the aim of the campaign is to facilitate the mobility of women because their economic independence and empowerment depend on that, as he put it. (An Nahar, May 16, 2018)

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