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First online shopping in Lebanon


The announced its official launch in a ceremony held last week in Beirut Souks as the first online shopping platform in the country. The website offers an easy and secure e-marketplace for clients who are welcome to choose from a huge variety of brands and products that will be delivered directly to their doorsteps anywhere in Lebanon and around the clock. George Azar, HiCart CEO, pointed to a new wave of change that is affecting the world in terms of new technologies, particularly in retail businesses related to e-commerce. “It is time for Lebanon to keep with what’s happening in the rest of the globe,” Azar maintained. He also pointed to the fast moving trends with the online domain becoming more integrated into everyone’s daily routine, and with consumers in Lebanon becoming more digital-bound in their purchasing decisions, leading to an increase in online shoppers. This, he added, is essentially linked to the growing number of smartphone users and internet penetration besides other factors that prepared the country to welcome an e-commerce platform. In conclusion, Azar said has seized the opportunity to establish itself as the first online marketplace in Lebanon and the Levant by “providing a consumer centric arena embracing the fundamental values of convenience, variety and confidence,” as he put it. (Al Mustaqbal, November 27, 2017)

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