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Food safety in Lebanon now in the hand of MoET


The center for the quality of drug, food, water and chemical resources at the Lebanese University announced that it will be holding its first scientific conference on March 16 entitled, ‘The drug, food and water security: what enters the body becomes part of it’, with the participation of a group of researchers from the University and private universities. According to the founder-director of the center, Dr. Nazih Bu Shahine, the conference will focus on air pollution in Lebanon and its impact on human health, the impact of agricultural products in food and other topics that reflect the declining function of the immune system among the Lebanese which ultimately impacts their resistance to diseases. To recall, the center was established in 2016 and is involved in scientific research, noting that it conducted the microbiological tests of food samples during the large food safety campaign launched by former health minister Wael Abu Fa3ur in February 2016. Bu Shahine lamented the disruption of said campaign which targeted restaurants, bakeries and meat houses across the country, pointing out that the current health minister said this work is the responsibility of the ministry of economy and trade (MoET). He expressed readiness of the center to train MoET staff on safety standards. (An Nahar, March 14, 2018)

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