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Future cancer marathon: MP Tabsh in favor of gender-equal nationality law


The Future Movement MP, Roula Tabsh, participated in a marathon to fight cancer organized yesterday by Future Women’s Sector ( In her address, Tabsh urged women cancer patients to face the disease, the injustices and various obstacles, persuading them to speak up in order to claim their rights aided by the aptitudes they boast. Tabsh pledged that from her position as MP, she will work with her colleagues to enact laws that support women’s rights, including their right to give nationality to their children. Similarly, the Women’s Sector coordinator, May Tabbal, said that marathon participants, men, women and children, walked to fight the life threatening disease, the violence that threatens humanity and the barriers that impede the career advancement of women. “We believe that the development of societies and creating healthy communities can only be achieved through the participation of both sexes. Hence, we walked to challenge cancer and all inhibitors,” Tabbal maintained. More than 1000 persons of different ages took part in the Sunday marathon. (Al Mustaqbal, October 8, 2018)

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