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The health of domestic workers not okay


Al Akhbar newspaper published an article by Dr. Faisal Qak portraying the health conditions of migrant domestic workers in the country. He said that while the overall number of migrant workers in the world stands at 11.5 million persons, nearly three quarters of them are women, with domestic service being the main occupation of girls under the age of 16 years. Qak pointed out that the total number of migrant women domestic workers (MWDW) in Lebanon and Arab countries has reached about 2 million women, noting that the refugee crisis resulting from war in Syria has increased the rate of employment among females. Al Akhbar feature also highlighted a report issued recently by the World Health Organization (WHO) which shows that working women contribute to the economies of states where they work despite poor work conditions in terms of low wages, long working hours, malnutrition and inadequate housing, in addition to their suffering from discrimination and social segregation. The WHO report has maintained that notwithstanding the validation by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 of the rights of MWDWs, yet the latter’s health conditions is not okay (For full article in Arabic please check: In a related vein, and as part its program launched in 2011 to support MWDWs, Amel Association International is holding today at Commodore Hotel a national conference entitled, ‘Towards a national protection mechanism for migrant domestic workers victims of human trafficking in Lebanon’. ( Al Akhbar, November 29, Al Ittihad, December 5, 2017)

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