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Karaki of NSSF champion the creation of new work opportunities for women and social security for all


Mohammad Karaki, the Director General of the National Social Security Fund, presented a paper entitled "Social protection policies and their role in sustainable development" at the second Arab Foreign for Development and employment which was convened in the city of Riyadh (KSA), and which was entitled "towards social protection and sustainable development".
Karaki highlighted the key dimensions of sustainable development namely economic, environmental and social dimensions. He pointed out to the importance of each in achieving social justice as well as ensuring that there are necessary policies and measures to increase the outreach of social coverage in the Arab region.  Karaki also spoke of ways to address challenges which are facing social security systems namely in relation to the rise in unemployment rates and ways to create new job opportunities.
Karaki addressed the importance of applying economic policies which will improve the investment environment and will expand the job market as well as the educational system.  He also recommended the adoption of policies for ensuring social protection especially for those working in the informal sector and concluded by insisting on the importance of securing health coverage for all citizens as well as creating work for women so as to improve the livelihoods for their families.
Source: Al-Diyar, Al-Mustaqbal 27 February 2014

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