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"Lebanese & Safe" for healthy agricultural products


L’Orient Le Jour, in today's issue, shed light on a venture "Lebanese and Safe" ( that was launched on May 16 th. This venture consists of a market for selling fresh Lebanese agricultural products that are free of chemical residues, it is at the flower and seedlings market in front of Forum De Beirut, Armenia Street. The venture as stated by its founder Antoine Howayek - President of Lebanese Farmers Association - seeks to support the farmer, on the one hand, and on the other, "to provide agricultural produce that is irrigated with clean water which is free from chemical deposits or meets international standards certified and guaranteed by the international company TUV NORD". Howayek explained the conditions to be met by farmers who are willing to becomes part of the project: first, the water used should be clean whether it is used in washing the green produce -which must be drinking water -, or used in irrigation - which must be suitable for irrigation; second, the farmer should commit to a timetable for spraying of pesticides that is compatible with pest control safety criteria. He noted that the venture started out with 25 farmers while only 7 continued, the rest pulled out for different reasons. Howayek concluded that the objectives of the project do not stop at these limits, there are prospects of including the maximum number of farmers possible, he considered that, “this is the minimum we can offer consumers in absence of the government and its regulatory functions.” (L’Orient Le Jour, May 19, 2017)

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