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Let’s play for [gender] equality


The office of the minister of state for women’s affairs and the ministry of education jointly with ABAAD organization launched yesterday the ‘Let’s play for equality’ program at Wata Mseitba public school. The program adopts friendly and interactive ways to promote the notions of participation, partnership and teamwork among children and increase their knowledge of gender roles and gender-based violence, in addition to introducing conflict and emotional management methods through non-violence. The pilot program will be carried out in 18 public schools across the country to be developed and streamlined at the national level in order to build generations in observance of principles of citizenship and equality between the sexes. On the occasion, the head of the Educational District of Beirut and the Environs, Mohamad Jamal, made clear that “gender-based prejudices to which kids are often exposed at some schools and in society at large could have long-term effects on their career choices at a later age.” The priority should be given to protect the children in the first years of schooling from being influenced by gender stereotypes which remain a key challenge in the struggle to achieve gender equality in education and other areas. In conclusion, Jamal advised against gender bias in elementary schools. (Al Mustaqbal, December 6, 2017)

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