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Local cooperation in North Metn to create jobs for the youth


As part of its efforts to support and provide jobs for youth in the private and public sectors, the president of the Christian NGO for employment, Labora, Father Toni Khadra, signed yesterday a protocol of cooperation with the Union of Municipalities of North Metn represented by its president, Raymond Semaan. Present were also the mayors of Hazmieh Jean Asmar, Chiyah Edmond Ghariyus and Araya, Pierre Bejani, whose municipalities are part of the Union. The protocol aims to create a link between local development offices and Labora. The latter, to recall, seeks to afford employment opportunities for young people with the diverse capacities and professional skills they boast; meet the needs of establishments, institutions and factories located within the area of the Union; encourage youth to access public sector jobs and provide the necessary training prior to entrance examinations; enhance the employment capacities of young people and equip them with the professional, educational and applied skills and expertise and finally, highlight the labor market requirements and outcomes to help students in their choice of the academic majors mostly wanted by local companies and markets. (Al Diyar, September 28, 2018)

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