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Maya Nasr from Kfar Fakoud village to NASA


In its issue of last Saturday, Al Mustaqbal daily reported the success story of a 17-year old Lebanese from the Chouf village of Kfar Fakoud who completed her first academic year in space engineering at the highly competitive university of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Maya Nasr said she hopes to achieve her dream of specializing in the manufacture of spacecrafts and rockets after being chosen by MIT to receive a scholarship for her superior results, particularly in mathematics to study aerospace engineering.
Maya told Al Mustaqbal that it is one of the rare opportunities that the department accepts students from the Arab region, unless they hold the US citizenship. Nasr boasted that NASA was her dream, pointing that Lebanese women, and women in general, are capable of achieving the highest levels in various advanced and sophisticated areas of science. )Al Mustaqbal, November 14, 2015(


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