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Naya An Nahar: A section spotlighting talents, challenges of women


An Nahar newspaper announced today that it is launching its new Naya section devoted to highlight the role of women in Lebanon. The aim is to support Lebanese women through focusing on their talents, innovations, challenges and their empowerment in the fields entrepreneurship, family, fashion, health and culture. The section is expected to tackle challenges women face in the absence of laws that protect female workers, mothers, students and activists and help them find conceivable and empowering solutions or initiatives. Naya will mainly target the women of Tripoli, Batroon, Beit Meri, Saida, Nabatiyeh, Deir el Qamar and Baalbaq who grew up in the Arab Gulf, Canada, Europe and the US. The editor of Naya section, Sally Farhat, said articles are not going to address the challenges in their traditional context, stressing that coverage will be exceptional. An Nahar will publish the Naya content on its social media platforms, namely, Instagram@nayabeirut, Twitter@Beirut Nayat and An Nahar’s English website: . (An Nahar, September 13, 2018)

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