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Positive official attitude towards a gender equal nationality law


In its issue of today, The Daily Star examined the nationality law which gives women the right to confer nationality to their children and spouses, pointing that concerned activists are sensing a more positive attitude in official stands, especially in light of the draft bill submitted in August by the PSP to this effect (c.f:, while also noting that the advisor to the prime minister on women’s affairs, Abir Chbaro, has stressed that the Future Movement bloc is preparing its own proposal to this end. On the subject, the coordinator of My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign, Karima Chebbo, maintained a change in the political view which has become more flexible in recognizing the right of women to equality with their male peers in granting nationality to their family members. She noted that this matter faced rejection in the past, reminding of a similar draft law put for review in 2012 by former premier Najib Mikati but that was turned down on the pretext that it creates demographic change in the country (c.f: And while Chebbo made clear that the issue is currently being treated seriously and positively but that there will be resistance to the idea to hamper its endorsement, she promised to continue the struggle because this is the right of women, and a right is a right, regardless of religion, or doctrine or sex or color, as she said. The Daily Star also recalled the foreign minister Jibran Bassil’s nationality draft which excluded women married to nationals from neighboring states, namely Palestinians and Syrians. (The Daily Star, September 5, 2018)

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