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Rehabilitation of married couples in Mabarrat Charity


The Islamic Cultural Center at Al Imamayn Al Hasanayn Complex affiliated with Al Mabarrat Charity Association launched yesterday the Family Support Center aimed to rehabilitate the family. During the occasion, Sayyid Ali Fadlallah pointed out that change is not achieved through changing political posts or replacing those in senior positions, but instead comes from within the family itself through the proper education of the children which has positive impact on real life. Fadlallah urged spiritual sharia courts to consider the eligibility of a couple and their physical and mental health status to raise a stable family, stressing the need to stimulate, develop and activate Islamic jurisprudence to be able to provide appropriate remedies to many family problems. He clarified that the newly established center seeks to bring about change in the way of thinking and methods of behavior within a family, hoping this could be a positive factor in the advancement of a family. Fadlallah concluded by saying: “The dilemma of this society lies in the fact that we raise our kids like our parents raised us without taking into account the changes and developments that took place in this society.” (Al Akhbar, July 11, 2018)

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