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Shopping and tourism festival back to Baalbaq this July


The president of the Syndicate of Owners of Commercial Establishments in Beqaa, Mohamad Hassan Kanaan, launched yesterday the program of the 20th shopping and tourism festival due to begin early July after a three-year suspension due to the security situation. The launch took place at Kanaan Hotel, Baalbek under the patronage of industry minister Hussein Haj Hassan. This year’s event, Kanaan pointed out, will be marked by a new activity, which is an industrial exhibition that brings together industrialists and professionals, and will effectively publicize the works and localities of the participating artisans and owners of institutions in the area. Kanaan also drew attention to the annual agricultural fair which will have sophisticated grain sieving machines on display, and which is key in marketing farmers’ production and putting an end to foreign competition. Baalbaq mayor lauded the annual festival which he said contributes to stimulating the economic cycle in the region. For his part, Haj Hassan, warned of the severity of the economic crisis in the country caused by a lack of a national vision of economy by the State, which he accused of marginalizing and jeopardizing agriculture and industry, and which is further exacerbated by the Syrian conflict, leading to a decline in exports by USD 2 billion annually. (Al Akhbar, April 10, 2018)

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