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A theater play documents stories of Syrian women refugees


In its issue of Saturday, Al Akhbar spotlighted ‘Rouge’, a play depicting diaries of Syrian women inspired from their lives as refugees displaced by war, noting that all the 8 actresses shared their own lived stories and uncovered them in spontaneous scenes on stage. According to Al Akhbar, the play embraces diverse stories in which women refugees come out of their shell of suffering and displacement into hope and joy through different occasions, like engagement, wedding ceremonies and child birth as well as problems faced by couples inside camps. According to the newspaper, this work comes after training on script writing with awareness of various components and the opening of new prospects that unveil the expressive talents of women. This theatrical show, Al Akhbar said, is prepared by Action for Hope association, and is performed and written by the women themselves and directed by Sarah Zein. To note, the first participation of the women began with the Association through literacy training courses involving some 87 women, followed by training of 27 of them on creative writing. (Al Akhbar, May 12, 2018)

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