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Touristic festivities continue


Under the patronage of minister Avedis Guidanian, the ministry of tourism launched on September 8th a tour to the historic and archeological sites in Tyre and Qana designed for reporters, travel agents and tour guides in the internal tourism sector. The event aims to promote touristic landmarks across Lebanon, and is expected to be followed on September 11 by another tour to Anjar and Majdel Anjar in Beqaa and a third on September 18 to Byblos Jbeil and the environs on the North East coast. The ministry announced that it is planning additional tours to cover the various Lebanese regions, while noting that transportation from Beirut and other logistical arrangements are free for all. Meanwhile, the Lebanese Communist Party organized an environment trail in Wadi Zibqin to declare the Wadi and neighboring towns a natural reserve. Wadi Zibqin, to recall, lies between the villages of Zizqin, Majdel Zoon, Qleileh, Yater, Ramya, Beit Lif and others extending until Occupied Palestine to the south and ending in the sea to the north west. Also, Souk el Akl, in collaboration with Rotaract Saida, concluded yesterday the Street Food Fiesta of Khan el Franj which was distinctive for the architectural design of its facilities made from recyclable material, like wood and plastic, in an attempt to encourage environment conservation under the slogan, ‘Green Saida’. The event which opened on September 7 in cooperation with the municipality, hosted some 25 pavilions for restaurants from the city and outside that showcased a variety of foods, sweets and juices catering to all tastes. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, September 8, 10, 2018)

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