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Tripoli slowly progress economically on the silk road


As part of continuous efforts to Bolster Tripoli’s economic role, the president of Al Faiha’a Union of Municipalities, Ahmad Kamareddine, signed on Saturday an agreement with the president of Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIS), Li Zhonghang, to join the SRCIS alliance. Following the signing, Adnan Kassar, the chief of the Lebanese Economic Associations and head of Fransabank Group, underlined the pros of the agreement to be translated through the promotion of participating projects and the growth of transformational industries, in addition to firming up the trade and logistic services sectors, as well as, unleashing the cycle of Lebanon’s economy bound for the Arab and African markets. Zhonghang, for his part, stressed Lebanon’s old-new standing as a strategic location on the international commerce road. On the subject, president of the Special Economic Zone (FEZ) and former minister, Raya Hassan, pointed last week, during her participation in  ‘Developments on SEZ’ seminar, to positive negotiations with the World Bank and international donors concerning the special zone. This, Hassan stated, has pushed SEZ to set a3-year timescale to complete the infrastructure works instead of the normal 5-year timetable set for similar undertakings across the globe. In a related vein, the minister of transport and public works, Youssef Finianos, discussed with a delegation of China Harbor engineering company the possibility of implementation of the fourth phase of the expansion and development of Tripoli’s Port. Finianos also received a catalogue on the Port master plan from the Port’s director, Ahmad Tamer. Meanwhile, the secretary general of the Federation of Arab Chambers of Commerce, Khaled Hanafi, visited the chairman of the Chamber of Tripoli and the North, Toufic Dabousi, who briefed him on ‘Tripoli is the economic capital of Lebanon’ initiative. Also, Tripoli’s Tourism Association, in cooperation with Tripoli Chamber and Tripoli Bar Association, organized last Saturday a talk entitled, ‘Tourism in historic cities: Tripoli a model.’ (Mustaqbal, Al-Diyar and Al-Akbar 15,17,26,27,28 November 2017)
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