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Wage disparities between men and women also prevalent in France


A study published this week by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) indicated that in 2015, women in every family in France, received a wage lower by 25% than men. The annual pay rate for a female stood at 17,740 Euros, against 27,702 Euros for a male, the study said, noting that the gap was mainly in the difference in wages and the rest in the number of working days during the year. According to INSEE figures, the annual income increases with age up till the age of 54, where employees aged between 50-54 years earn 3.5 times higher than workers under 25 years. As for the wages of public sector employees, they are relatively higher than those in the private sector (the annual pay of a state employee is 21,920 Euros against 20,140 Euros for private sector staff. (L’Orient Le Jour, December 2, 2017)

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