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World women film stars calling for gender equality


The Cannes Film Festival which kicked off in Paris last Saturday witnessed a symbolic march on the red carpet by 82 women stars who expressed their solidarity with women’s struggle for equality in the film industry. The 82 starts also called for equal pay in the sector. The president of the jury of this year’s edition of the Cannes Festival, Kate Blanchett, read the statement highlighting the sex scandals that have shaken Hollywood last year. The statement said that “as women, we are facing special challenges but we stand together today as a symbol of our resolve and our commitment to change”. The statement added that “we are asking our institutions to ensure transparency and equality in decision making as well as substantive equality and diversity in our work environment”. The number 82 symbolized the number of film by women selected by the Cannes festival since 19467 compacted to 1688 films by men. Actress Salma Hayek of Lebanese origin said that men film starts should decrease their pay as a way to ensure equality with lesser paid women. (An Nahar, Al Mustakbal, May 14 and 15)

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