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Local development and women’s participation in Jezzine


Under the title ‘Regional Development’, the Elie Rizk Foundation organized yesterday the first economic conference in Jezzine in the presence of some 350 concerned parties from the Caza. Also present were, president of the Lebanese Chambers, Mohamad Choukair, President of the Lebanese Industrialists, Jaques Sarraf, Lebanese Franchise Association president, Charles Arbid, and the second vice-governor of Banque du Liban, Saad Andari. In his opening address, Rizk stressed that challenges and problems the town faces cannot be resolved with wishes only. He said the purpose of the conference is to prioritize development in the area, create jobs for its youth and bolster their steadfastness to their land, as well as, turning the region into a vibrant investment and touristic hub. “There are many aptitudes and capacities at hand in Jezzine particulalry, that have not been galvanized,” Rizk maintained, pointing to efforts in this direction by the private sector and to partnership endeavors with the government to implement the required developmental programs. The presence of economic bodies and the Central Bank gives the conference and participants a strong impetus to reach the desired goals. Likewise, Choukair reiterated the Lebanese Chambers readiness to contribute to development of the regions, while Sarraf called for investing in the touristic treasures of Jezzine, pressing the need to promote its trademarks in Lebanon and abroad. For his part, Andari touched on the crisis of joblessness in the country, especially among the youth, as well as, women’s participation in the labor market. )Al Mustaqbal, September 11, 2017(

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