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Achievement of Dina el Mawla, President of Islamic University of Lebanon


In its issue of January 3, L’Orient Le Jour spotlighted the career path of Dr. Dina el Mawla, the president of the Islamic University of Lebanon since 2016. El Mawla said that during her first year at the University, she introduced significant changes in the administration and education system. She intentionally recruited new deans for the different schools whom she selected according to specific criteria or conditions, such as: They should be between 35-50 years; have completed their higher studies abroad; have extensive experience in administrative and academic positions and are in command of at least two foreign languages. El Mawla made clear that she has actually started recruiting new professors who are bilingual and hold doctorates degrees. On the education system, she said that she has introduced the (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorates degrees) in all faculties and made foreign language as a required course throughout the 5-years of study. Referring to the cooperation with the French Embassy, El Mawla disclosed an intention to conclude agreements with universities in Asia and the Americas. Asked if she has faced challenges as a woman in this position, El Mawla said she has had difficulties but not because she was a woman president, but because of the radical changes she enforced, stating that she was chosen for her extensive experience and serious work. (L’Orient Le Jour, February 3, 2018)

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