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Canadian gold medal to Lebanese woman for academic excellence


Nadia Nafi, Lebanese assistant professor at Concordia University, Montreal, received the Governor General’s Gold Medal in recognition for her academic excellence in the human and society category, L’Orient Le Jour reported. Nafi, the newspaper said, has acquired the highest cumulative grade for her doctorate degree in educational technology for the year 2018, noting that the medal is awarded to outstanding scholastic achievements of students at the university and has been conferred to prominent figures in art, journalism, politicians and scientists. On the occasion, Nafi stressed that the medal is of great value to her, especially as an immigrant, non-English speaking woman and mother. This again proves to the world the strength and determination of Lebanese women, she maintained, sending a message to Lebanese mothers who are not bold enough to invest in their capacities outside the comfort zone of their homes. “Don’t underestimate your abilities, find a support system and you shall give a wonderful role model to your children,” Nafi said. Nafi, to recall, graduated as an interior designer from LAU in 1995. Her graduation project ‘the modern prison’ was designed to help young inmates comprehend their criminal behavior and empower them to become indispensable citizens to their nation. In 2008, she traveled to Canada for post graduate studies and enrolled in Concordia University to specialize in educational technology. Her doctoral thesis focused on studying the impact of media and social media on the young people’s rationale in accepting or rejecting the other and the effect of this on social integration. (L’Orient Le Jour, September 8, 2018)

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