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LoYAC workshops to facilitate access of young people to the job market


As Safir published an article  about the Lothan Youth Achievement Center (LoYAC), an organisation which seeks to provide opportunities for young students who wish to upgrade their individual skills so as to increase their chances of entering the job market.  The report notes that LoYAC was set up Kuwait in 2002 by a number of Kuwaiti women to support the youth and challenge stereotypes.  It then opened a branch in Jordan in 2008 and in Lebanon in 2009.  LoYAC seeks to build a safety net to support Arab youth through providing them with opportunities for self-improvement though training before graduation from university and encouraging them to engage in voluntary work so as to create new and young cadres for the future.
LoYAC also encourage young people from various Arab countries to apply under simple conditions namely having a minimum of 17 years, residing in Lebanon, commitment to completing the set programme and capacity to interact with other young people of different cultural backgrounds.  The article presents a number of examples of various young people of different Arab nationalities (Lebanese, Iraqi, Sudanese and others) who benefited from various training workshops offered by the association to help them improve their skills before entering the job market. Onsite job training is facilitated by a network of Lebanese and international organisations who have partnership agreements with LoYAC.  Finally, LoYAC will be organising, next Saturday, a public event to celebrate 31 young people currently enrolled in its programme and in recognition of their participation.
Source: Al-Safir 23 October 2013

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