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Marijuana dealers ask government to hand them management, sale of the crop!?


After the Speaker of the House Nabih Berri commissioned a committee of experts to prepare a draft law to regulate the cultivation of marijuana, (c.f:, the Maronite bishops Council warned in a statement on Wednesday of the social and ethical dangers of said measure. They said it requires a thorough and objective study to assess the negative and positive impact of cannabis and to determine if the Lebanese State is really capable of managing this file without harming!citizens. In a special feature on the subject, An Nahar daily reported that land proprietors in Yamooneh boast huge profits generated form this agriculture, especially after the failure of all attempts by the government over the years to annihilate it. The newspaper cited concerns by Yamooneh residents over the projected mechanism of implementation, stating that selling to dealers to make drugs is something and selling for medicinal purposes and according to specific criteria and in assigned areas is another thing. Deputy mayor of Yamooneh, Hussein Sherif, told AFP: “We are all under the law… we are generally against this cultivation, though we were not successful at any other kind of agriculture.” “The ordinary farmer should be the primary beneficiary from the legalization of cannabis and hence should make profits not less than what he used to make from smuggling the marijuana,” Cherif added. For his part, Yamooneh mukhtar, Jamal Sherif, said he was pessimistic about the anticipated legalization of hashish amidst the rampant corruption in the public administration and institutions. “They looted the country. All we have left is the cannabis, and they want to plunder it" Sherif lamented. “If you are willing to legitimize marijuana literally, let me plant and export the crop…. Marijuana traffickers are able to pay off the national debt in one year.” (An Nahar, August 2, 2018)

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