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Quality control: Lebanese nuts banned from entering Japan


The Lebanese Industry ministry issued a statement yesterday in response to posts on social media alluding to a letter sent from Lebanon’s ambassador to Tokyo to the foreign ministry warning of the health risks of Lebanese nuts, namely roasted pistachios. According to the letter, the Japanese authorities have banned the import of said products based on tests which showed they were carcinogenic. The ministry of industry made clear that it is conducting periodic tests on random samples taken from the different roasters across the country, stating that since two years to date, the results were consistent with the required specifications, implying they were carcinogen free. Concerning the ban of entry of made in Lebanon nuts to Japan, the statement said it could be related to an old shipment, stressing that Lebanese agri food manufacturers, particularly roasteries, are committed to the highest European and American standards in the field. Similarly, the director general of the ministry of trade and economy said that after examining samples of the nuts sold in the market or in nut roasteries, the reason could be possibly related to the method of storage of the above mentioned shipment. For her part, Rifai Roastery described the letter of Lebanon’s ambassador as “inaccurate and lacking scientific evidence”. Concurrently, the minister of trade, Raed Khoury, ordered the suspension of Joseph al Amm Mill products for noncompliance with food safety requirements. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, July 17, 18. 2018)

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