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Similar to electricity and water citizens pay two schooling bills


In its issue of today, AL Akhbar newspaper said that the Lebanese citizens are paying two school bills, referring to so-termed ‘reinforcement institutes’ that present themselves as an informal alternative to the public and private high schools and faculty members. While students and their parents seem to find refuge in such establishments for they spare them the official exams “mess”, school teachers describe them as “messer-uppers’ of the educational system and the educational objectives, Al Akhbar wrote. For more on the subject, the newspaper cited education ministry sources as confirming that the majority of these institutes are unlicensed, unsystematic and unmonitored. Besides, they don’t report the names of their enrolled students to the ministry of education neither they provide it with the yearly budget figures. Al Akhbar spoke to an officer at one of the reinforcement learning centers who maintained that the student comes willingly because he wants to receive information in a simplified style. She drew attention to the growing interest among students reflected in their increasing number by year (from 270 to 500 students in one year). On the fees, the officer explained that the student gets 15 hours of education per month for USD 100 (equivalent to LL5,000 per hour), while some private tutors are paid USD 50 per hour. (For the full article, kindly visit the link below: (Al Akhbar, April 5, 2018)

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